Vespers - A Closing Commemoration

01.03.18 | Special Worship

Speaker | John Fanestil, Greg LaDue. Karen Clark Ristine, Lea Booth

An early Wednesday evening celebration of communion was an anchor in the worship life at First Church for many years.

On January 3, 2018, our community gathered for a closing commemoration of the Vespers experience. Joining our current pastors Craig Brown, John Fanestil and Jessica Strysko were past clergy and lay leaders, including Lea Booth, Kim Edwards, Chuck Hoffman, Greg LaDue, Jim Mowry, Evan Neel, Jim Standiford, and Molly Vetter. Musical selections, including many composed by Dan Burton, were presented by guest organist Christopher Cook and guest cellist Catherine Godden. We hope you will enjoy re-visiting the beauty that was Vespers at First Church.

Beginning in 2018, Wednesday offerings now include THE GATHERING in the middle of the day and CONTEMPLATE SAN DIEGO after rush hour.