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    Advent Devotion Preview

    11.18.20 | Stories

    Subscribe to “A View of Christmas hope, from my window” Read this preview of the 2020 Daily Advent Devotional with reflections and stories of hope.

      In La Mesa

      05.31.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

      Superbowl Sunday, The second day Of the second month Of the new year, The first night to stay in the new little house, In La Mesa. I heard most of the game on AM Radio, Driving back and forth from the old apartment to the new little house...

        The "New Normal"

        05.26.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

        As our community begins to open up, we are going to have to get used to a "new normal." As we think about how we are going to engage in society, I invite you to consider John Wesley's Manifesto. I first saw this in the museum in The New Room in...


          05.23.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

          If you live in southern California, you are enjoying the nicer weather; and if you are like me, it is difficult to be patient, waiting for restrictions to be lifted. The good news is that things are gradually opening up and we will be together...

            Small Treasures

            05.22.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

            Hope and comfort for my heart. One day last summer, when my 8-year-old granddaughter Layla was staying in San Diego for the summer, her dad (my youngest son Marcus) got called into work at the hospital. He had a two-hour gap with no one...

              You Are Not Alone - 2

              05.20.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

              As we enter the umpteenth day of sheltering in place, I’d like to acknowledge how we are all feeling today. Each day, each week, presents a new way to experience this global pandemic. Some days we carry on as usual, other days are filled...

                Prayer Thinker

                05.16.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                I hate to admit it, but I have never been much of a pray-er. A thinker, yes. A pray-er, no. Not in the traditional means. But the more I grew and learned and practiced my faith as a Christian, I discovered that prayer takes a lot of different...

                  What Creativity is Around You

                  05.15.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                  Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to...

                    Proper Distancing

                    05.12.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                    A little beauty and a little humor; As we begin to start opening things up and relaxing restrictions around the country it is important to still be respectful of those around us. Yes, we get to go out and enjoy the natural beauty in the world...


                      05.11.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                      I've been trying to take a couple of walks around my neighborhood each day, for exercise and for prayer. One of my favorite sights lately has been these blooming California poppies. They easily brighten the day, and I hope they brighten yours...