In Our Prayers

We invite you to join us as we keep these individuals and families in our prayers this week.



Pepito O Ambrosio died January 11. He was received in 1986 by Charles Hoffman and is survived by his wife, Salvacion, children Pepito, Ernie (Elvie), Manuel (Marivic), Iris (Marcel) Perez, April (John Lynch), Gina (Romeo) Salazar, Barr (Carmela), 13 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Services will be Saturday, January 22 at 10 AM in the sanctuary. The service is also live-streamed.  

Carol Forman died January 5. She was received in 1980 by Mark Trotter and is survived by her children, Amy (Michael) Agrella,  Timothy (Renee) Forman,  3 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. An inurnment service is pending.  

Daniel Twyman died December 23. He was received in 1981 by Mark Trotter and is survived by his wife, Patricia, and children Danene (Eric) Brown,  Danielle Lauria and 4 grandchildren. A live-streamed memorial service will take place on January 22 at 2 PM. 

Oscar Eusebio died December 16. He was received in 1986 by Mark Trotter and is survived by his children,  Miriam, Jimmy and Ruth,  brother Ben and Raul and sister Orpha. Services Saturday, January 15 at 1 PM in our sanctuary.

Judi Allday died December (11 or 12). She was received in 1972 by C.A. McClain and is survived by her brother Tom (Debbie) Allday and family. A service will take place in the sanctuary on Sunday February 27 at 1 PM. The choir will sing. 

Kathee Christensen died December 8. She was received in 1987 by Charles Hoffman and is survived by her children;  Kyra (John) Roberts, Chip (Carrie) Phillips and 6 grandchildren. A memorial service will be held at 1 PM on February 12 in the Sanctuary.

Edith Nichols died December 5 in Washington Utah. She was received in 2013 by Jim Standiford and is survived by her sons,  Paul and Clay.     

Our sympathy is with:

 The family of Nancy Woodrow who recently passed. Services will be held Saturday the 29th at 11 AM at Chula Vista Presbyterian services by the Reverend Emily McCall.

Services Pending:
Inurnments Pending:

Members of our congregation in the military who are deployed and their families:

Jacob Borja
Raymond Borja
Eric Brown
Brian Wilson