Here you'll find a Christian community of young people (grades 6–12) and young adults (ages 18–23). We meet every week, either in smaller groups within our own age-groups or in larger gatherings, outings and fun events. We learn about God, and ourselves, as we try to find out what it means to become followers of Jesus Christ. 


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High School Escape Room

Crack the lock. Beat the clock. Locked in a room, you and your friends have 60 minutes to decrypt all the codes and assemble the clues to discover...

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CLUB56 is our preteen group that meets every third Sunday at 5 PM in the Cove. We eat dinner, play games, and discover God's Story. 

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Easter Vigil Worship and Confirmations

Celebrate Easter as the sun sets on Holy Saturday evening as we celebrate the Easter Vigil at First Church. Worship begins at 7:30 PM in the...

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