CGC History

Mother's Morning Out

It all started back in September of 1971 with a two-day a week program called Mother’s Morning Out. This program, unlicensed, was open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:45 AM to 2 PM, serving 44 children on the first day. This program was an extension of the church and used Sunday school curriculum.

After three years, regulations changed and Mother’s Morning Out needed to become a licensed program. This meant closing and upgrading to meet all state, health, and fire regulations. Mother's Morning Out closed in August 1974 and reopened in December 1974 continuing with the wonderful program that was meeting the needs of the young families at that time.

Children's Growing Center Opens

As the needs of these families changed over the years the decision was made to expand and add a full-day program. The Children’s Growing Center opened on September 16, 1985 with 10 children, ages two to five, in one classroom.

The response to this new program was so strong that an additional classroom was added in September 1986. Mother’s Morning Out soon closed and the Children’s Growing Center expanded to the full campus and able to serve 108 children, birth through five years old (Pre-K).

Kindergarten Program and renovation of Building

The Kindergarten program was added in September of 1996. The FUMC/CGC went through a major renovation of the preschool buildings during 1998, after which time, we moved into our beautiful current classrooms.

Way back when... from FUMC San Diego on Vimeo.