Additional Fees

Registration Fees

$50 registration fee for the first child, $40 for the second child.

Annual Fees

There is an annual fee due each September for each child. $50 annual fee for first child, $40 for concurrently enrolled siblings.

Sibling Discount

5% discount for a younger sibling that attends at the same time.

Schedule Change

You must contract for set days and schedule. You may add an extra day if needed, only if space permits. You will be charged a daily rate for the extra day. No switching of days.  Permanent changes in schedule will be allowed on a space available basis only; a $10 status change fee will be charged to your account.

Late Pick-up 

There will be a $15 fee for each 15 minutes, or portion thereof, if a child is left beyond 6 PM. This fee will increase by $5.00 with each additional late pick-up during the current school year. This will be billed on your next statement.

Tuition Fees

Late payment:  Tuition payments are due by noon on the Friday after you are billed. A $10 late fee will be assessed from any late payments. Your child may be excluded from the program until payment is received.

Returned payment:  A $15 fee will be assessed for each returned check.  After the second returned check, only a money order, cashier’s check or cash will be accepted for all future payments.  You will be notified if these fees are assessed to your account.