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New Life Counseling Center (NLCC) is dedicated to providing a safe place for counseling during times of personal, relational or spiritual struggle. It is our goal to bring about growth and renewal in the lives of our clients and restore broken relationships through spiritual counseling. 

Do you need someone to talk to about your struggles with mental health in individual counseling sessions? Are you looking for marriage counseling, couples counseling, or premarital counseling? Are you in need of elder, family, or child counseling? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we would like to encourage you to contact us at our counseling center. We can help with life issues you may be facing.


Counseling Services


Mental Health & COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused a massive shift in our day-to-day lives; health concerns, business closures, schools suspended, physical distancing and lack of supplies. All of this uncertainty has undoubtedly led to increased feelings of loneliness and heightened anxiety.  Sheilah Cameron, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Director of the New Life Counseling Center wants to provide you with tools to cope and manage your mental health during this sensitive time.


Individual Counseling

Whether you seek support in the midst of crisis, want
to dedicate time and attention to personal growth, or
anything in between, our counselors are available as a
resource for healing and renewal.


Elder, Family & Child Counseling

Many therapists at NLCC are trained and
experienced to serve families, youth and the
elderly. Different life stages present unique
sets of challenges and we have qualified
counselors available for support and


Marriage / Couples Counseling

All relationships go through stages of strain or struggle.
Our therapists are equipped to help new relationships
find solid footing and to assist in reconnecting
established ones. Whether newly dating or married
many years, we offer tools and support to help couples
move through periods of change and challenge.


Premarital Counseling

NLCC is committed to help couples build strong
marriages and solid relationships. We offer a
comprehensive premarital counseling package
designed to identify strengths and target growth areas.
Our goal is to provide you and your partner with the
insight and tools needed to navigate life together in a
mutually respectful and satisfying way. Learn more...

about us

NLCC therapists represent a diverse pool of qualified professionals who—while each is an expert in his or her own right—are unified by their belief that no two people are alike and all deserve to be seen as unique individuals. See our list of counselors...

Life is full of challenges, but seeking help from a therapist can often make your life easier by providing perspective. We will work with you to boost your mental strength and well-being. We care about helping you find solutions to life's challenges, and we are dedicated to bringing out your best self.

If you are looking for a center where licensed therapists can help with your problems, then New Life Counseling Center is the place for you. Our goal is to help people find peace in their lives and relationships by enhancing individual and family functioning through skill building techniques, practical advice, and new hope.

We want to help people find peace in their lives and relationships by teaching them how to manage stress, build healthy habits, solve problems, and create an outlook that improves the way they think about themselves. At New Life Counseling Center, we offer a variety of counseling services specifically tailored to meet your needs. Call us today at 619-297-2571 ext. 116.


Fees & Availability 

Services are arranged with therapists individually and each therapist sets his or her own fee. Many, but not all of our counselors accept insurance. Sliding fee schedules are offered by most therapists and are arranged prior to your appointment. Financial assistance is available through the Long Scholarship Fund for those who do not have insurance and cannot pay customary fees.

Daytime, evening and limited weekend hours are available depending upon the therapist.



Sheilah Cameron, LMFT
Director of the New Life Center

619-297-2571 ext. 116


Street Address:
New Life Counseling Center

2231 Camino del Rio South
Suite 308
San Diego, CA 92108