San Diego School of Christian Studies

For life-long learners, hungry for knowledge

25+ years of learning

For over twenty-five years, the San Diego School of Christian Studies (SDSCS) has invited world-class speakers—from both near and far—to address matters of pressing concern to people of faith in San Diego.

Founded by clergy and lay leaders at First UMC San Diego, the school was designed for life-long learners who wish to deepen their faith as they broaden their knowledge.

The purpose of SDSCS is to create meaningful educational experiences challenging adults in the greater San Diego region to grow in their understanding and practice of the Christian faith - a faith that works in the world.

Today, the School is led by Rev. John Fanestil, who serves as Dean, and by a Planning Council composed of members and friends of First Church. The School offers three to five lectures per semester, on subjects in Old and New Testament, church history, theology, Christian ethics, world religion and other topics. Special events, courses, and exhibits are offered occasionally.