Tapestry Contemporary & Creative Worship

Join a creative worship experience for all ages at 11 AM in Trotter Chapel

Family-friendly and designed for all ages – no matter where you're at on your spiritual journey. This service helps you gain a fresh perspective as you question, listen, and see God through non-traditional and interactive worship. 

Through this service, you can expect to experience:

  • Art, music, and media introducing new spiritual perspectives.
  • Contemplative questions leading to self-discovery.
  • Prayer and quiet reflection in the presence of God.
  • Community, conversation, and new ideas.
  • A safe space for questions, doubts, convictions, thoughts, and journeys.

Kids & teens are welcome!

We invite you to bring your entire family. We keep the service short (about 45 minutes) and encourage kids and teens to voice their opinions.

Trotter Chapel set up for Tapestry contemporary worship service 

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