Perspectives Season 1, Episode 4: Journey Of The Hard Stuff, Injustice

Perspectives Season 1, Episode 4: Journey Of The Hard Stuff, Injustice

01.31.24 | Pastor's Bible Study, Perspectives Podcast

Series | Perspectives Pastors Podcast

Passage | Exodus 5:6-18

Tags | moses, exodus, social justice, injustice, podcast, perspectives, religious justice, pastors bible study

Are you facing tough choices in life? Join us for this season of Perspectives FUMCSD Pastors Podcast as we dive into the Journey of the Hard Stuff. The women clergy of First Church in San Diego unpack the story of Moses from Exodus and tie it back to the challenges faced through history and modern life.

In this episode, join Rev. Trudy and Rev. Brittany as they examine Exodus Chapter 5, looking at justice, injustice, oppressed groups, and how we react to it all.

Calling upon the story of Moses, and the work of Dr. Vernon Johns, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Jemar Tisby, Rev. Trudy and Rev. Brittany discuss types of justice (social vs. religious) and where it fits within the Christian faith and the Gospel. What does the Bible call us to do when we witness and experience injustice? Listen to find out.

Want to join the discussion? We invite you to our weekly discussion group, Convergence. Taking place on our church campus in the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego or through Zoom. Get additional details online:

For this episode, we’ll be discussing the following questions:

  1. What made you realize that injustice existed in the world?
  2. What injustice burns you up and how have you responded to it?
  3. What does it mean to live justly?