Perspectives Season 1, Episode 3: Journey Of The Hard Stuff, Avoiding the Call

Perspectives Season 1, Episode 3: Journey Of The Hard Stuff, Avoiding the Call

01.24.24 | Pastor's Bible Study, Perspectives Podcast

Series | Perspectives Pastors Podcast

Passage | Exodus 3:1-11

Tags | moses, exodus, podcast, perspectives, prevenient grace, sanctifying grace, justifying grace, pastors bible study

Are you facing tough choices in life? Join us for this season of Perspectives FUMCSD Pastors Podcast as we dive into the Journey of the Hard Stuff. The women clergy of First Church in San Diego unpack the story of Moses from Exodus and tie it back to the challenges faced through history and modern life.

In this episode, join Rev. Trudy and Rev. Hannah as they examine Exodus Chapter 3: 1-11, examining how Moses tried to avoid the call of God. After all, he was a runaway fugitive – an asylum seeker – who was he to lead God’s people? And yet, despite his dark past, ultimately Moses rises to the challenge.

It’s a story of international relations, politics, and spirituality. And, along with so many other stories throughout the Bible, it serves as a reminder of how God’s involvement begins with everyday moments that serve as a catalyst for something much larger than we could ever imagine. We might not feel qualified in the moment but if we listen and answer the call, we don’t know who else may be reached or how.

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For this episode, we’ll be discussing the following questions:

  1. Have you ever felt God nudging you to do something?
  2. What are your excuses for not answering a call from God?
  3. How have you answered a call from God?
  4. What effect has answering a call from God had on your life and the lives of others?