Perspectives Podcast Season 1, Episode 13: Becoming Better Humans – Belonging

Perspectives Podcast Season 1, Episode 13: Becoming Better Humans – Belonging

04.15.24 | Pastor's Bible Study, Perspectives Podcast

Series | Perspectives Pastors Podcast

Passage | Acts 1:12-15

Tags | holy spirit, acts, podcast, perspectives, pastors bible study

In this episode of Perspectives FUMCSD Pastors Podcast, Rev. Brittany and Rev. Trudy examine the process the early Church used to appoint the 12th apostle – asking what does it mean to belong, what process should be used to appoint leadership, and how much of life should be left up to “chance”. 

It’s part of “Becoming Better Humans” – a multi-episode topic where the women clergy of the First Church of San Diego explore the story of the early church, looking at the days after the resurrection of Jesus to see how the courage and perseverance of the apostles may help us all live better today.

They prove there’s a lot to discuss when it comes to belonging. Through the episode, they touch upon:

  • The role of women in the early church
  • The need for trust and diversity of thought
  • The uniting power of prayer
  • Chance, the Holy Spirit, and what’s meant by “God’s will”
  • What it means to belong to as a Christian – and whether church participation can or should be anonymous

Want to join the discussion? We invite you to our weekly discussion group, Convergence. Taking place on our church campus in the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego or through Zoom. Get additional details online:

For this episode, we’ll be discussing the following questions:

  1. How do you understand God’s will as a disciple of Jesus?
  2. How important is it to engage in chance encounters?
  3. Speak about a time in your own life when you’ve been singled out for replacement or for leadership.
  4. What are ways that you feel that you belong in the Church?