A Question of Calling

A Question of Calling

06.17.18 | Sermons

Series | The Next Chapter

Passage | Luke 10:38-42

Speaker | Rev. John Fanestil

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As you listen to or watch the video this Sunday's sermon, you may use these brief sermon notes to guide your own note-taking.

Somebody’s gotta do ______________!
Mary __________ in Martha’s ___________.
Some people, when they say they want to ____________ God    … they mean in an __________________________
Vocation = ______________
Discernment = _____________
 To ___________ in the moment is to _____________ by God. 
The ________ is in the ____________.
When you can find God in the ____________,
you have discovered, or discerned, a ____________.
The God of Jesus is an ____________ God.
The God of Jesus is an ____________ God.
May your _____________ life be filled with ___________.