"A Beautiful Story"

"A Beautiful Story"

06.10.18 | Sermons

Series | The Next Chapter

Passage | Ruth 1:14-22

Speaker | Rev. John Fanestil

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As you listen to or watch the video this Sunday's sermon, you may use these brief sermon notes to guide your own note-taking.

When we meet disruption with ________________, we discover _____________ in the _______________ we make.

Doctrine vs. _______________

If your __________ is as my __________, give me your ___________.

A ____________ divided against itself cannot ___________.

If you can’t preach like _________, if you can’t pray like __________
Just tell the love of __________, and say he died for __________

God has made us for the __________ work in the ____________ story

God is _____________ in our lives.