Racial Justice Grantees 2020/21

2020/21 Grantees 

In 2020 the Racial Justice Grants Committee focused on education and/or criminal justice reform primarily affecting the Black community in San Diego. We look forward to providing these organizations with volunteer support (where appropriate) and opportunities to share their work with our congregations.

  • Pillars of the Community
    "Pillars of the Community is committed to embracing and celebrating the historic, rich, and diverse culture of Southeast San Diego. We strive to counter the criminalization of our community through community organizing, leadership development, and strategic partnerships. Our vision is for a healthy and thriving Southeast San Diego which reflects the rich and diverse culture of all its members.”

  • San Diego Young Artists Music Academy (SDYAMA)
    "San Diego Young Artists Music Academy (SDYAMA) offers a wide variety of programs in vocal, instrumental, choir, dance and many other positive activities in a healthy and safe environment. Our programs help develop culturally relevant and artistic activities for our students that promotes positive self-esteem and good order and discipline for young people."

  • DETOUR (Depositing Empowerment Through Outreach and Urban Redevelopment)
    "DETOUR is a mentoring program for girls of color. Our vision is to see equity and inclusion for teen girls of color in higher education and priority sector employment. Our mission is to increase access to education and employment opportunities for girls through our Focused And Naturally Confident Youth (F.A.N.C.Y.) Leadership programs (Expo, Leadership Academy, and Ambassador Internships.)Our purpose is to provide a positive forum for girls to become actively engaged in working towards acquiring the skills necessary to become what they aspire to be and to achieve their dreams. Our goal is to encourage living a fulfilled positive lifestyle, while promoting the revitalization of self-esteem and self-perception. Our message is it is never too late to reposition yourself to passionately seek and fulfill your purpose!"

  • The Blue Heart Foundation
    "Blue Heart is a non-profit organization that focuses on under-served youth ages 13-19 in the greater San Diego County community. As a part of our program, participants receive mentoring, personal and professional development workshops. As well as college campus tours and “road trips” supervised by qualified mentors. Students will be given the “tools” to succeed and excel in today’s academic and social environment."

  • San Diego Chapter of the National Council of Negro Women’s (NCNW) STEAM Workshop
    "NCNW San Diego Section was organized and chartered by the City of  San Diego in 1966.  Since its inception, NCNW San Diego Section has focused on fulfilling its goals with programs and projects that provide critical services to women, children, and families.  NCNW San Diego Section provides mentoring and educational support to children and youth and disseminates information to adults about issues affecting their lives and the lives of their families."

  • National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Delta Upsilon Chapter, San Diego’s Y.E.S Program
    "As a professional organization of well-trained and effective educators in all components of the learning spectrum, the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. is dedicated to training youth and adults to develop and enhance those skills, abilities, attitudes and ethics that will prepare them to function successfully in a democratic society. Education is the vehicle by which they can pursue their dreams, discover new vistas, seek self-actualization and achieve extraordinary accomplishments."

  • Man Up Club at Wilson Middle School
    The name of our club is "Man Up!" and the mission is to teach our male students lessons in self-improvement, empowerment, responsibility, and cultural awareness. The club meets with all members on a weekly basis, teaching students lessons that will make them marketable in today's society.

  • Neighborhood House Association’s Project In-Reach
    The Neighborhood House Association (NHA) Project In-Reach program is an outreach and engagement program designed to help incarcerated individuals with substance abuse and/or mental health disorders as they prepare for re-entry into the community. Program goals include educating clients about mental health, substance dependence and coping mechanisms, decreasing instances of relapse, diminishing the impact of untreated health, mental health and/or substance use issues, and reducing recidivism.

  • Mustard Seed Wood, Inc.
    Mustard Seed Wood, Inc is a pre-vocational furniture project that provides access for youth to learn essential skills related to the carpentry trade, mathematics, and interpersonal relationships.

  • SD Urban Warriors
    The goal is to create an urban performing artist community advocating, teaching, demonstrating collective work and responsibility promoting, health, self-determination and discipline through creative edutainment artistic experiences and exploration.