Prayers & Squares

The Prayer Quilt Ministry

Can you touch a prayer?
Can you pull it close and feel its comfort? 
You can if it’s a prayer quilt.

What makes it a prayer quilt?
A heavy thread is used to take stitches through the quilt layers, and the ends are left free to be tied. Members of the congregation then finish these quilts by tying knots in the quilt after each worship service. As each knot is tied, a silent prayer is said for someone in special need, who then receives the finished quilt.

This is not just a gift of a quilt; it is a gift of love and prayer. It is an affirmation of our faith in God and our belief in God’s power to comfort, strengthen and heal.

When is a prayer quilt appropriate?
When do we pray for one another? Anyone in special need of prayer is an appropriate recipient of a prayer quilt. We pray for one another in times of illness, injury, or sorrow. We also pray for them at times of great change or transition in their lives. Anyone can request a quilt for another person. We refer to the requester as the quilt’s sponsor.

Prayers & Squares is an interfaith outreach ministry that combines the gift of prayer with the gift of a hand-tied quilt. The purpose of Prayers & Squares is not to make and distribute quilts, but to promote prayer through the use of quilts.

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Pocket Prayer Quilts

Pocket prayer quilts (PPQ) are mini-quilts that are two to four inches square and inside each little quilt is a wooden cross. The PPQ can be kept in a pocket or purse, and when needed the recipient can touch it and feel the cross inside as their prayer is uplifted in petition, comfort, and gratitude. The following card is also attached:

“This pocket prayer quilt was made for you to slip in a pocket or purse. Whenever your fingers touch the cross inside, be mindful of God’s love and grace for you. Keep it as a tangible symbol of God’s peace, or say a prayer for someone else and pass it along in the form of this tiny gift.” 

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Join us

Join us for work and fellowship

On the first Saturday and/or third Thursday of each month in Linder Hall 4 from 9 AM to noon and you don’t have to know how to sew to be helpful.
2023 Meeting Calendar 
Mark your calendar for these upcoming events in 2023: 
Fri. 11/3 and Sat. 11/4 - Annual Fall Quilt Retreat | 9 AM - 4 PM (both days)
Sat. 12/2 - Christmas Luncheon


Make quilt tops at home

Please use pre-laundered 100% cotton. Our desired size is 50” x 60”; the minimum size is 45” x 55”; only quilts for babies or small children can be smaller.


Donate 100% cotton fabric, pre-laundered in quantities of  ½ yard or more. Make monetary donations to Prayers & Squares. We use the money to buy quilt backs, batting, thread, etc. Prayers & Squares is not part of the church budget, and we do not accept payment for quilts. 

Quilt Retreats

Once or twice a year we offer two-day retreats where we invite a instructor to demonstrate a specific quilt pattern. You will be sewing with friends, listen to inspirational speakers. We offer door prizes, fellowship, and fun.  


Represent Prayers & Squares as a Sunday volunteer, assisting sponsors when quilts are presented.

Join us in prayer

When a prayer quilt is presented to the congregation, please come to the plaza at the Mission Valley Campus following the **9 AM service to say a prayer and tie a knot whether you know the recipient or not. Many quilt recipients have said that they felt strengthened by the knowledge that people who did not know them had prayed for them. Remember the recipients in your prayers in following days.

** Prayer Quilts are also presented at the Ocean Beach Campus following the 10 AM Sunday worship.

For more information please contact PRAYERS & SQUARES