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    2022 Women's Retreat

    07.21.22 | News

    Join this year's Women's Retreat 10/1. Explore the possibilities for grace in every season of your life.

      School Supplies Drive

      06.29.22 | News

      Bring listed items to church all Sundays in July. Thank you for your continued support of our partnership with Cherokee Pt Elementary School.

        New Journeys with friends & family

        03.14.22 | News

        Breaking Bread and Journeying with Our Church Family  Let's get back together to continue our Neighborhood Gatherings, get some workout--walking, hiking, biking, and meet people in your life stage for mutual support. Join Rev. Hannah for...

          Ash Wednesday Events

          02.02.22 | News

          March 2, 2022 marks the beginning of Lent with an Ash Wednesday service. Ash Wednesday reminds us of the precious passage of time and the frailty of human beings. The imposition of ashes is the symbol of this reminder. Different opportunities...

            Walking with Church Family & Friends

            01.24.22 | News

            Join Your Church family & Friends for a Walk Near You. Rev. Hannah invites you to join her for leisurely walks to discover some of our city’s beautiful parks.