Women's Retreat 2019 - The Hem of His Garment

10.05.19 | Seniors, Women, Health, News

    Our lives are like a three-legged stool with components of the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical. If one of these legs is missing or out of balance, so too are our lives. How do we regain that balance?

    Come hear how the woman in Luke 8:40-48 reached out and touched Jesus' garment and was healed. As we explore that scripture, learn how you too can regain that balance through your faith.

    Our 2019 Women's Retreat Speakers:

    • Analee Phan - Emotional & Mental Health
    • Lisa Meuser - Physical Health
    • Mary Allman-Boyle - Spiritual Health

    More fun activities throughout the day including games, prizes and testimonies.

    Open to women of all ages and faith backgrounds or those who have no church history. You don't have to be a member of this church or any church to attend.

    8:30 AM - Light breakfast (Rolls, fruit, coffee/tea)
    12 noon - Box lunch from Panera
    Two snack breaks: morning and afternoon.
    Refreshments will be available throughout the day.

    Cost: $40 per person (all inclusive)

    Register and pay online by September 26, 2019

    Free childcare is available