Thank you Mayor Faulconer

08.10.18 | Articles | by George Mitrovich

    For too many years the palm tree that stands between Camino del Rio South and I-8 had never been skirted — 30-years and counting. 

    It was monumentally ugly, and I wanted something done, for the city to either skirt it or dig it up. But my efforts with our council member, Scott Sherman, were unavailing. 

    So, finally, out of patience, I visited with Mayor Faulconer’s chief of staff, Chris Michelle, a friend of long standing. 

    For the meeting I brought with me an iPhone photo of the pathetic palm tree. Upon seeing it, Chris agreed. It was hideous. She promised she and the mayor would take care of it. 

    They did!

    The palm has been skirted and east bound drivers on I-8 now have a fitting view of First Church. 

    Thank you Chris and thank you, Mr. Mayor.