Neighborhood Art Walk in Corona Times

04.01.20 | Stories, Stories of Hope

    So I woke up this foggy morning to another stay-at-home Corona day. I convinced myself that I really should go for a walk and before I changed my mind, I managed to get myself into my sweats that I mostly live in these days, made some tea and headed out. I will admit I’m a bit of a worrier, I can get myself in a tizzy over almost anything, except this Corona business is not like anything we have ever experienced before and we have all the reasons to be worried… So this is my mood as I step out the door this gloomy morning, husband at my side. We never used to walk together but now do, which is nice. The neighborhood is very quiet, just a few dog-walkers out and one jogger. As we start trotting down the street something suddenly caught my eye, a big plastic yellow box in someones driveway with a sign: “For those in need. Grab and go snacks. Please take one.” Nice gesture. We continue our walk. Then a big rainbow painting one someones garage. It says “we are all connected”. Sweet… my spirit is lifting already. And as we keep walking we see more rainbows, basket of fruits: “Free vitamin C. Stay safe”. And everywhere are chalk drawings by children. This walk is turning into a neighborhood art walk! A beautiful sun, amazing hearts, hop scotch with a message “I can do this - you can do this”. “Don’t worry”! A warm feeling is starting to spread within and as I round the last corner back to my house my phone is pinging. It’s a message from a church member, that I’m not sure I even met or talked to in person. I’m on her list of people to check in and pray for and we have exchanged messages once before. Now she is just letting me know she is praying and thinking of me. Wow. I always say I get my inspiration from nature, but today it was truly the people that I never met or know and many of them children, who lifted my spirit to let me know that it’s really true that we are all connected and in this together. And if you thought I made all this up… below are the pictures to verify my claim.

     Lollo in the Communication Dept. at First Church.