Memories of Another Time

04.14.20 | Stories, Stories of Hope

    Another day is here, and we continue moving forward. Or, maybe it feels like we’re spinning wheels. The recent rains have seemed to emphasize for us Southern Californians that we are to remain indoors as much as possible, further restricting our movement. This current moment in time reminds me of the last couple of years living at home before I left for college. I felt so ready for independence, ready to leave the comfort and support I enjoyed from my family, wanting to finally be on my own. It wasn’t the most comfortable time. I was ready to fly but felt restricted by my surroundings. As difficult as it seemed at the time, I now look back on those days as ones that taught me about self-discipline, restraint, and to stay focused on the prize: freedom. It may be that the lesson I am learning now is that the freedom I had yearned for was only temporary. Maybe it is only now that I can better understand that the only freedom we can truly experience is a spiritual one.

    This time also has me thinking of the days of being able to roam freely and travel to places near and far. I’ve shared here a photo from Singapore. Feel free to share a picture of you in a place that you have visited that you loved, or where you learned something new about a different way of life. Or, maybe it’s a book that has transported you to another land or culture that you learned from. May it serve as a reminder that from any place on Earth, we’re all in this together. 

    Priscilla Venegas, Director of Guest Engagement