Lenten Devotion: Day 47

04.04.21 | Stories

    The Miracle of Hope 


    Because of Easter 

       the miracle of hope 

       I long for in desperation 

       bursts for me  

                            hushing me 

                                               healing me 

       bringing  new life 

       to my old hopes 

       and old promises. 


    Because of Easter 

       the ancient stone 

       that was rolled away long ago 

       lets my stubborn stones roll away 

       from those dead places within me 

       where I have given up 

       on others 

                       on myself 

                                        on love. 


    Because of Easter 

       my sealed tombs  

       with despair 


                          and grief 

       are opened. 


    Because of Easter 

       let no cave or tomb 

       have the last word on me. 


    By William Stephenson, Ph.D.