Lenten Devotion: Day 43

03.31.21 | Stories

    When Faith Burns Low 


    One of his own 
       would betray him with a kiss 
    Why is it always a friend? 
    And then 
       the suffering. 
    We all have a date with it. 
    What was there that 
       could give him any hope? 
       Death lay before him... 
    Could he trust his faith? 
    This same faith 
       he had found while walking 
       on the sunlit hills of Galilee, 
       in the wasteland of the wilderness, 
       in the loneliness of the night  
       beneath the stars.  
    This same faith 
       now stung his eyes 
       as he watched his betrayers  
       take him away. 
    Could he trust this faith? 
    In my time of betrayal,  
       In my time of  
       and despair... 
    When my faith is burning low 
    When my recovery seems impossible 
    When I must bear my cross alone... 
    Will I trust my faith?

    William Stephenson, Ph.D.