Lenten Devotion: Day 41

03.29.21 | Stories

    Patience in Breakable Moments 


    The setting 

    is that last horrible week. 

    Everything is caving in. 

    And there... 

    in the midst of a meal, 

    he does an amazing thing. 


    He does it, 

    not because his enemies 

    have given up on him, 

    but because his friends have. 

    In spite of everything 

    they were saying, 

    they were preparing to desert him. 


    Knowing all this, 

    he looks around and he sees 

    the most common thing on the table, 

    a loaf of bread, 

    and he takes it, 

    and he breaks it, 

    and then he says to all his friends, 

    and to each of them... 


    "Whenever you break, 

    and eat of this bread, 

    I want you to remember 

    That I never gave up on you, 

    and I will never give up on you." 



    It only comes, 

    when you, yourself... 

    are breaking. 


    By William Stephenson Ph. D.