Lenten Devotion: Day 32

03.20.21 | Stories

     A New Beginning 


     What a morning! 

     God bids the earth 

         to stir into new life... 

         and it stirs.    

         At the sound of God's voice, 

         creation wakes and sings. 

         wild birds join spontaneous choirs, 

         the earth unfurls flowers to flag my attention. 

         A butterfly dances by my nose. 


    What a morning! 

    Not a fragile petal. on the tiniest bloom, 

         but God has given it glory!    

         As the day continues, 

         I become distracted by so dim-sightedly 

         wanting to go my own way. 

         In frenzy, fear and fretful aims. 


         Lost in an agenda of anxiety that I arranged. 


    Let me hear this new morning, 

    the Voice that is as soft as the sun, 

    and as gentle as the wind, 

    But whose strong word 

    is never broken, 

    And whose mercy 

    Catches me off-guard. 


    What a morning! 


    By William Stephenson, PhD