In La Mesa

05.31.20 | Stories, Stories of Hope

    Superbowl Sunday,
    The second day
    Of the second month
    Of the new year,
    The first night to stay in the new little house,
    In La Mesa.

    I heard most of the game on AM Radio,
    Driving back and forth from the old apartment to the new little house,
    Watched a brief bit of 49ers excitement in the fourth quarter,
    In an unfamiliar taco shop,
    That quickly welcomed me to watch the game with them,
    Como si yo fuera familia,
    En La Mesa.

    I was rooting for the 49ers,
    Because as a kid, they were my “West Coast Squad”,
    Joe Montana poster,
    (Tho’ I liked Steve Young waaay better,)
    I wanted the hands of Jerry Rice when I played high school football.
    Shoot, this new little house is literally in the shadows of Helix High School,
    Where Reggie Bush and Alex Smith played high school football,
    In La Mesa.

    Those who know me best,
    Have heard endless stories about how I love my new little neighborhood,
    In La Mesa,
    About how the ivy-riddled streets smell like Charlottesville,
    About how the tight, windy, hilly, roads with the pink bushes,
    And the purple trees look like North County Coastal,
    And of course they’ve heard about the birds,
    The birdsong,
    The bird watching,
    The bird inspired poems I’ve written,
    In La Mesa.

    But today,
    But tonight,
    I didn’t hear the birdsong so much,
    I didn’t smell the ivy so much,
    I didn’t enjoy the purple trees so much,
    In La Mesa.

    My daily run wasn’t so fun,
    The tears shed were not while watching
    A San Diego sunset from a hilltop
    In La Mesa.

    The tears I shed today,
    Came while I took a knee,
    On the corner of Baltimore and University,
    With my red #7 49ers jersey on,
    When a boy in the back of a car,
    With a fear in his eyes,
    Looked right into mine,
    And put his fist up,
    Just like mine,
    In La Mesa.

    Tonight I cried,
    I prayed,
    I meditated,
    I cried some more,
    I prayed some more,
    I prayed for my country,
    I prayed for my state,
    I prayed for my county,
    I prayed for my city,
    I prayed for my girls,
    I prayed for my neighborhood,
    I prayed for my home,
    I pray for peace in my heart,
    I pray that we see what remains unbroken,
    In America,
    In La Mesa.

    John 16:33- “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

    -I will return to this verse often in the next several days, I’m sure.

    Kenton Reaves Hundley
    Dir. of Discipleship for Children & Youth, FUMCSD