How Long?

04.13.20 | Stories, Stories of Hope

    “How long was he supposed to be in there?” “It’s the third day, right?” “I wish we would’ve listened more closely... how long will all this last?”

    While Easter has happened and Christ has indeed risen, how long did it take for everyone to get the word? Indeed, many probably were just learning of Christ’s crucifixion days later when the resurrection has already taken place! How long til this word and light and love is shed in our lives this year? In our communities? In this world?

    There are many shadows cast among us in this world today, including all our difficulties and demons that we struggled with before the COVID-19 crisis. We are a people that have been walking in darkness, and the resurrection is an irresistible light that now shines upon us! Now is our time to reflect and be that Easter light to the rest of the world, to all who have ears to hear what we proclaim!

    During this quarantine, my partner Sara has been planting a vegetable garden with my daughter Josie, and the conversation has been much the same around when the seeds will sprout: “How many days did the package say?” “Well it HAS been pretty rainy and cloudy...” The seeds were plunged in the dark of the soil and have been risen with the warmth of what sun we’ve had. They’ve been nourished by the dark, damp soil that surrounded them, and are now bursting forth with new life. Some take mere days to share this Easter message and some will take weeks.

    Let us proclaim our truth that we have seen the Lord, each one of us in our own time according to the Spirit’s urging and nourishment. Let us be the Easter message to all the world, starting today!

    From Jason Tucker, Director of Stewardship and Development: