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    With Gratitude, A Pandemic Reflection

    06.30.21 | Stories

    Dear Rev. Trudy, Being present at our very first 9 AM service was a joyful... a somewhat giddy experience, especially after so many months away. I still would like to add my voice to the many expressions of gratitude that you, our...

      Remembering the ones we've lost

      06.16.21 | Prayers & Squares | Stories

      Prayers & Squares members have been working on a new project, starting a few months ago in our Zoom meetings. We are creating two quilts in memory of those people who will not be with us when our lives return to something like normal. 

        Christ Ministry Center Meals

        05.21.21 | Volunteer

        In collaboration with other churches in the area, First Church takes our turn on the 3rd Thursday to bring 30 prepared meals to Christ Ministry Center in Normal Heights.

          United Methodist Women

          05.21.21 | Volunteer

          Do you want to connect with other women in the church? To be inspired, to work on missions’ projects and to hear the latest happenings?

            Celebrating our Essential Volunteers

            04.16.21 | News

            The Directors of First Church have been talking a lot about you - specifically all of the wonderful volunteers who are so essential to our work as a church. Each Director took a moment to name one person who stood out in particular as someone who...

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