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    First Church Going Solar

    04.19.23 | Stories

      First Church Going Solar April 19, 2023 I am pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees (BOT) has approved a solar energy project at the UMC Mission Valley campus. In addition to contributing to the care of God’s good...

      Meet Our New Bishop

      03.01.23 | Stories

      Join the welcome reception for Bishop Escobedo-Frank on March 19 at 3-4:30 PM in Linder Hall. Learn about her hopes for the future.

        Church as Network --- All-church Study

        01.19.23 | News

        Are you ready to take the next step to discover what God is doing in our world? THURSDAYS FEB. 9 - MARCH 2 - Join this all-church book study book study that takes a deep look at the church’s history, this cultural era, and the opportunities that...

          Chicano Park: Our Sacred Place

          11.14.22 | Stories

          Love, compassion, heritage, ancestors, and culture are honored at this peaceful seven-acre park. Chicano Park is a National Historic Landmark, recognizing its artistic, cultural, and sociopolitical significance. It is home to the largest...