Past Sermons

First United Methodist Church of San Diego (FUMCSD) offers a variety of past sermons and series by FUMCSD pastors. The topics are vast and range from Advent and Easter to discussions on hope, faith, love, and joy.

Are you looking for past sermons at FUMCSD? Do you want to learn more about our pastors' sermons? First Church offers a variety of sermon series by our pastors. Our sermons are for everyone and we hope you find a few that speak to you.

We believe God is at work in San Diego, renewing us spiritually through faith, socially through relationships, and culturally by sharing what we have with those who do not. We're committed to helping you reach the world with the Gospel so that people everywhere can know that no matter where they live—or how desperate their circumstances might be—Jesus offers them hope. We want to be humble, serve others, and praise God with all our hearts.

These past sermons listed below are designed for first-time visitors as well as long-time members. You'll find and listen to stories that highlight life through worship, service, education, and community. Please take your time, browse, and listen. We hope to see you Sunday in person or watch us live on Sundays. Watch Live!