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    2023 Racial Justice Grant

    05.25.23 | Stories

    First Church Seeking Racial Justice Grant Applicants The Racial Justice Grants Committee has released the 2023 Grant Application and this year’s grant focus areas. Thanks to some very generous donations, we will now be giving a total of...

      All-Church Gathering: SHARE

      05.15.23 | News

      Come and celebrate with us. The Spirit is moving us to welcome a new family and see new possibilities. Please bring a dish to share as we welcome our new church family from Ukraine, Andrii and Masha and their two young children at ages 3 and 9...

        May is Mental Health Awareness Month

        05.02.23 | News

        We know that many people suffer in silence for years before speaking out or seeking treatment. As you read this, I want you to pause and reflect on people in your life, whether that be close friends, coworkers, neighbors, or the clerk at your...

          First Church Going Solar

          04.19.23 | Stories

          I am pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees (BOT) has approved a solar energy project at the UMC Mission Valley campus. In addition to contributing to the care of God’s good earth through the reduction of our use of fossil fuel...

            All-Church Gathering: Re-birth

            04.06.23 | Stories

            Let's celebrate Easter together! Meet and greet your neighbors around the table. Enjoy your conversation over good food around what it means to live as resurrected people in your daily life, at your workplace, and with your family and friends.

              Meet Our New Bishop

              03.01.23 | Stories

              Join the welcome reception for Bishop Escobedo-Frank on March 19 at 3-4:30 PM in Linder Hall. Learn about her hopes for the future.

                re-WILDING the church

                02.07.23 | News

                April 28-30, Conference at FUMC San Diego. Come learn what the church might become... Register NOW!

                  Ash Wednesday Feb. 22, 2023

                  01.24.23 | Stories

                  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and reminds us of the precious passage of time and the frailty of human beings. The imposition of ashes is the symbol of this reminder.

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