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    Neighborhood Art Walk in Corona Times

    04.01.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

    So I woke up this foggy morning to another stay-at-home Corona day. I convinced myself that I really should go for a walk and before I changed my mind, I managed to get myself into my sweats that I mostly live in these days, made some tea and...

    Count Your Blessings

    03.30.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

    We are stuck at home for weeks, how can we remain hopeful and engaged? Let us focus on the positive! One year, my son attended a preschool which required the parents to take turns working in the classroom. In addition to learning good ways to...

      Stay Positive

      03.29.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

      “Think positively and exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, build faith, worry less, read more, and be happy.”— Unknown These are the practices I am trying to incorporate into my daily life while abiding by the...

        "God Will Always be With You"

        03.27.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

        As the reality of social, or physical, distancing is settling in, I often find myself wondering how this collective “resetting” will change us. What good can come of this, as we wander in our own respective wilderness? I don’t...

          Do Not Worry

          03.26.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

          My favorite phrase in Spanish is "no te preocupes," which means "do not worry." The sound of the words, tied with their meaning, became my favorite phrase when I was studying abroad in Spain in the spring of 2003. I think I heard it a lot as I...

          Inspired by Nature

          03.25.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

          I often get my inspiration from nature, and I share my interest with my husband (we call him the “butterfly whisperer”). He earned his nickname a few years ago when he started to study the Monarch butterflies in our backyard and begun...

          "If You Will Trust in God to Guide You"

          03.24.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

          Georg Neumark (1621-1681), the writer of text for the Lutheran hymn, “If You Will Trust in God to Guide You,” experienced a personal tragedy early in life. It occurred in 1641 while traveling with a group of merchants to Lübeck...

            New Associate Pastor Announced

            03.23.20 | News

            Good News! On March 17, First Church received the following letter from our District Superintendent, Rev. John Farley: "Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ at First UMC of San Diego,  On behalf of Bishop Grant...

              You Are Not Alone

              03.22.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

              For those who are familiar with Cowles Mountain, you know there are several trail heads that lead up to the Summit. The sign in the photo was posted to one of the trail heads where I hiked this morning. During this time, we all need reassurances...

                Being Church in Uncertain Times

                03.21.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                n this time of uncertainty, First Church and the Water’s Edge are still finding ways to reach out to each other and the community. The Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry on the Water’s Edge campus, thanks to director and member Marian...