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    Covid-19, First Church & You

    03.11.20 | News | Articles

    A message from Rev. Trudy (May 28, 2020) My dear friends, I was just beginning to recognize your faces and remember your names when we went into this shelter-in-place.  I know that we are experiencing something very unique and...

      What about the UMC split?

      01.22.20 | News

      There has been a lot in the news recently about the potential split in the UMC, and as a pastoral staff we wanted to address some questions and concerns some of you may have.  First, we want to share with you that nothing has yet changed...

      Welcome Rev. Trudy!

      12.12.19 | News

      Join Rev. Trudy in one of these many neighborhood gatherings throughout the San Diego region. 

        All-Saints Homecoming Weekend

        09.11.19 | News | 150 | Anniversary

        Join First Church Family, friends and pastors, past and present, as we celebrate 150 years of ministry and mission in San Diego.  Save the dates for these upcoming events:   Saturday,  November  2, 2019 Day Trip to The Border...

          Education Sunday

          09.08.19 | Student Ministries | Children | Youth | News | kidsfirstnews

          Join the First Church extended family as we celebrate the work of Education being done both in our church and in the greater San Diego community.  Festival Worship - Sunday, sept. 8, 2019 (9 & 10:30 AM) in the beautiful First Church...