The Future(s) of First Church

Every Sunday, from 09/23/2018 to 11/25/2018, 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

Location: First United Methodist Church of San Diego, 2111 Camino del Rio South, San Diego, CA US 92108

Room: Linder 4

Join Rev. John Fanestil this fall for exploratory conversations about the future of First Church as a "cathedral for all people." What does it mean to "grow in grace" and "reach out with love"? What can we learn from other cathedrals, both here in North America and around the world? How are we already connected to San Diego's many neighborhoods, and how can we connect to more?



For three Sundays beginning September 23, we will explore how First Church is seeking to connect to the historic Methodist practice of accountable discipleship as a model for contemporary paths of spiritual growth. How can we "check in on each other" and "watch over one another in love." 

For three Sundays beginning October 14, we will explore the role of cathedrals across the history of Christendom and how large churches both here in the United States and also in Great Britain are reclaiming and re-making their ministries as "new cathedrals." What can First Church learn from other "cathedrals" of Methodism. 

For three Sundays beginning November 4, we will explore how life in different "parishes" can be customized to the needs and opportunities indigenous to each context. Where does First Church already have a "new parish" relationship with existing neighborhoods and populations? Where can we create other "new parishes"? 

Class resources (purchase of readings is optional): 
THE NEW CATHEDRAL: Stephen Platten and Christopher Lewis, eds., DREAMING SPIRES: CATHEDRALS IN A NEW AGE 
THE NEW PARISH: Paul Sparks, Tim Soerens and Dwight J. Friesen, THE NEW PARISH. 


23 – SPIRITUAL GROWTH 1: Growing in Grace, Reaching Out with Love 
30 – SPIRITUAL GROWTH 2: John Wesley's General Rule of Discipleship 
7- SPIRITUAL GROWTH 3: The Method of Methodism: Accountable Discipleship 
14- NEW CATHEDRAL 1: The New Cathedral as a Center of Worship & Hospitality 
21 – NEW CATHEDRAL 2: The New Cathedral as a Center of the Arts 
28 – NEW CATHEDRAL 3: The New Cathedral as a Center of Mission 
4 – NEW PARISH 1: Why Do We Need a New Parish? [John Preaching – Melissa?] 
11 – NEW PARISH 2: What is the New Parish? 
18 – NEW PARISH 3: How Do We Practice the New Parish? 
25 – SUMMING UP: First Church as a Cathedral for All People

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