The Sankofa Pilgrimage

Daily from 06/05/2023 to 06/15/2023

Cost: $3500.00


Sankofa means “It is not foolish to go back and get that which you have forgotten.”  

June 5-15, 2023 - last day to register is March 15, 2023


You are invited to join Rev. Brittany Juliette Hanlin and Rev. Trudy D. Robinson on the Sankofa Pilgrimage. Sankofa is a West African Adinkra symbol and it speaks to what we hope to accomplish.  To remember the humanity of all people.

The 10-day pilgrimage takes us South to explore historical sites moving us through history from before the Transatlantic Slave Trade, through Chattel Slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the new era of Jim Crow. The pilgrimage will help us examine the correlation between history and theology, how our history informs our current realities, and unpack our own implicit biases.

We hope you will seriously consider the importance of a trip like this for yourself, our church, and the world we are creating. This truly is a pilgrimage as we expect God to appear to us in heart transforming ways and reveal the way to better become God's beloved community.

Prior to embarking on the Sankofa pilgrimage, we will prepare ourselves through a weekly study (4/12- 5/24). The study is a pre-requisite for the participants taking part in the pilgrimage and will be held in-person or via Zoom.


Sankofa pre-study class: Wednesdays, 4/12 through 5/24, 2023 | 6 - 7:30 PM | LInder Lounge (Mission Valley Campus) and via Zoom, if you cannot make the class in person.  More details about the study...
Sankofa Pilgrimage: Monday, June 5 through Thursday, June 15, 2023. More details about the trip...


$3500 per person (nonrefundable downpayment: $500 per person, due when register)
Final payment is due 4/15/2023. 

Included in the cost: Air fare, bus transportation, hotels, museum entrances fees, breakfasts and a special luncheon. (Dinners and evenings are on your own.)

If the cost of the trip is beyond reach, let us know and we can seek other funding for your participation. 


If you are interested in supporting those who may not be able to afford the cost, you can help fund a scholarship HERE


Last day to register: 3/15/23 (limited number of participants: 35)

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