Build an Adirondack Chair Project

Oct. 1-31, 2020 | Cost: $69 /chair  |  RSVP

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, volunteers from First United Methodist Church have spent hundreds of hours building homes and interacting the community in order to give low-income families the security and comfort that comes with homeownership. Although Habitat has scaled back work on jobsites to outside volunteers, they have presented the First Church with a unique opportunity to get our “hands dirty” in a safe environment that still supports this ministry, in the form of purchase and assembly of Adirondack chairs . Each chair can be purchased online, assembled as a family, or household project and donated to the Habitat Re-Store where the profits back put back into building projects. If you are interested, please rsvp below. Courtenay Pearson will send you the details how to get involved.

Adirondack Chair flyer

First Church Admin Support

These volunteers make sure you'll receive your printed newsletter in the mail and find the all the important brochures in your pews every Sunday.

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"Dinner with a side of Love"

An ideal ministry opportunity for small group who would like to serve together in a mission project. 

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Wondering where you fit?

All believers are endowed by God with unique spiritual gifts. Learn yours so that you can make the impact God has designed for you to make.

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Christ Ministry Center and Safe Harbors Network

Learn about the ongoing work among the refugees and how you can help.

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Everyone a Reader

There is a tall stack of folders in one corner of the Library at Cherokee Point Elementary School, one for each of the students struggling with reading. The reasons for these deficiencies are almost as numerous as the number of folders, and the...

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