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    One Snail

    04.25.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

    One snail, many birds, An interest has returned, I watch the smallest of, The beauties of God’s making, No fist-bumps, hugs, nor high-fives, (sigh) Tho’ those things are missed, (indeed) If not for this quarantine, Sure to...

      Dog Days

      04.24.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

      Warning; this post is partial proud dog dad showing off cute pics. But in all seriousness as we enter week 5 of working from home and sheltering in place (according to Michael) I realize that I'm slowly turning into my dog. We were lucky to get...

        Creative Reframes

        04.23.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

        Good morning! This is Rev. Jessica Strysko, the Teaching Pastor of the Water's Edge Faith Community. I wanted to share a couple of images that I have found very useful during this season. Praying for you and yours, that you may know God's peace...

          A Pandemic Poem

          04.21.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

          WORLD HEALTH PANDEMIC Grieving now Loss of life Sickness ‘cross the Globe How’d we get here Zoom’s a Show Bats in China Normal Thing Wuhan, China Quarantine Washington Nursing Home Death’s doorstep Here We Go! NBA Shut it...

            Prayer of Examen

            04.20.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

            During a time of isolation in a hospital (due to a major injury) St. Ignatius transformed from a self-centered spoiled teenager into a spiritual director, co-founder of the Jesuits and eventually a saint. His isolation enabled him to reflect on...

            Happy Sunday!

            04.19.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

            Happy Sunday!All together, now: As I went down in the river to prayStudying about that good ol' wayAnd who shall wear the starry crownGood Lord, show me the way O sisters, let's go downLet's go down, come on downO sisters, let's go downDown...

              Easter Dawn

              04.17.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

              We have been sheltering in place for a month now and are praying that we will be on the downhill side of this virus soon. In the middle of this we celebrate and remember the Risen Christ. The day before Easter I watched Easter from Kings College...

                A New Normal

                04.16.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                Dear Church Friends and Family, I hope you are safe and well during these challenging times. I miss seeing many of you in person, but I find comfort knowing we are all in this together and doing the right thing by staying home (as much as...

                Watered Gardens

                04.15.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                From Rev. Tamara Walker, Pastor of Congregational Care: Watered GardensBy Joyce Rupp - May I Have This Dance? God of little buds just now wearing green sleeves,God of lilac limbs all full with signs of flowering,God of fields plowed and black...

                  Memories of Another Time

                  04.14.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                  Another day is here, and we continue moving forward. Or, maybe it feels like we’re spinning wheels. The recent rains have seemed to emphasize for us Southern Californians that we are to remain indoors as much as possible, further...

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