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    Wisdom from an Oak Tree

    05.01.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

    One of my hobbies for the past almost ten years has been cultivating and training bonsai trees. I confess most of my trees are are very much “in-training,” growing in ugly plastic nursery pots before they’re ready for a nice...

      Baking Bread

      04.30.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

      Bread making is my thing. I love how the the dough feels between my hands as I kneed it and shape it into a loaf. I have not baked much lately. Flour has been one of the hot items during this pandemic it seems and almost impossible to buy in the...

        Our Future

        04.27.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

        I love to sit in my office at the church and hear the children playing outside. On this day, I am very grateful that our Children’s Growing Center was able to reopen to essential workers. This is a vital service we are providing this time...

          Hospitality Makeover

          04.26.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

          We are anxious to gather together, but it looks like we'll be practicing physical distancing that will limit our fellowship for a while. But when it is safe, we'll be ready! A lot has been happening on the campus while you have been away...

            One Snail

            04.25.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

            One snail, many birds, An interest has returned, I watch the smallest of, The beauties of God’s making, No fist-bumps, hugs, nor high-fives, (sigh) Tho’ those things are missed, (indeed) If not for this quarantine, Sure to...

              Dog Days

              04.24.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

              Warning; this post is partial proud dog dad showing off cute pics. But in all seriousness as we enter week 5 of working from home and sheltering in place (according to Michael) I realize that I'm slowly turning into my dog. We were lucky to get...

                Creative Reframes

                04.23.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                Good morning! This is Rev. Jessica Strysko, the Teaching Pastor of the Water's Edge Faith Community. I wanted to share a couple of images that I have found very useful during this season. Praying for you and yours, that you may know God's peace...

                  A Pandemic Poem

                  04.21.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                  WORLD HEALTH PANDEMIC Grieving now Loss of life Sickness ‘cross the Globe How’d we get here Zoom’s a Show Bats in China Normal Thing Wuhan, China Quarantine Washington Nursing Home Death’s doorstep Here We Go! NBA Shut it...

                  Happy Sunday!

                  04.19.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                  Happy Sunday!All together, now: As I went down in the river to prayStudying about that good ol' wayAnd who shall wear the starry crownGood Lord, show me the way O sisters, let's go downLet's go down, come on downO sisters, let's go downDown...

                    A New Normal

                    04.16.20 | Stories | Stories of Hope

                    Dear Church Friends and Family, I hope you are safe and well during these challenging times. I miss seeing many of you in person, but I find comfort knowing we are all in this together and doing the right thing by staying home (as much as...