Everyone a Reader

There is a tall stack of folders in one corner of the Library at Cherokee Point Elementary School, one for each of the students struggling with reading. The reasons for these deficiencies are almost as numerous as the number of folders, and the school is stretched beyond its resources to resolve these issues.

Jim Wilson, a volunteer who coordinates Reading Tutors at Cherokee Point, dreams of having a corps of 44 volunteer tutors — four for each of the school’s 11 classrooms. Currently there are 13. These volunteers are hard-pressed to see each struggling reader once a week, let alone the three sessions that would provide the most benefit.

The help these students need is fairly simple: Someone to model reading to them. To listen to them read. To ask questions to see if they understand what they have read. And to help them when they encounter new and difficult words and to understand what they mean. Reading Tutors spend about 15 minutes with each of the 3-4 students they typically see on the days they visit Cherokee Point.

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