High School MIssion Trips

Why go on mission trips?

When we go on a mission trip together our goal is to help make a positive change in some people’s lives. But more than that, we find that our own lives are also changed for the better through the people we meet. Below are some other reasons why we encourage our students to be part of this special experience.

Missions Trips…

...Create a Special Bond
By living and doing everything together we are brought closer to each other, both leaders and students and as a team.

 …Give a Broader Perspective
We learn that material things are not what life is about and we begin to understand what it means to be privileged and to see that not everyone is.

…Remove Us from Our Comfort Zone
We are challenged to participate in activities that are new to us. And when applied in real-life situations outside the church, it helps us to mature and grow in our faith.

…Empower Us
Through teamwork we learn what we are capable of. When we see what God can do through us, we feel empowered to take initiative and ownership.

 …Create Sacred Spaces
The experiences during a mission trip stays with us and helps anchor our faith and deepen our relationship with God.


Mission Trip to Ensenada Summer 2018

Summer 2018, high school students are invited to join First Church in Mission Valley on a mission trip with the Yugo Ministries to Ensenada, Baja California.

Dates: July 7 – 14, 2018
Cost: $350 per student  
Team fundraising effort: $7,000 as a group to cover material costs.

For more information, contact Richard Annett, Director of Student Ministries.