Prayer Thinker

05.16.20 | Stories, Stories of Hope

    I hate to admit it, but I have never been much of a pray-er. A thinker, yes. A pray-er, no. Not in the traditional means. But the more I grew and learned and practiced my faith as a Christian, I discovered that prayer takes a lot of different forms. Thinking is one of them. Posing questions in my head….wondering about experiences….considering the things of God. These things might not be prayer, but they can be prayer-full, especially when I find myself thinking new thoughts that weren’t obvious or discovering new insights, perspectives and possibilities.

    These days when I am spending so much time alone, I am thinking a lot. Truth be told, I do speak a lot to Lucy throughout the day. Nevertheless, I feel somewhat monastic as we all are cloistering ourselves at home. I am grateful for the words of M. Craig Barnes who said, “[The monastic father] St. Gregory wrote that our prayers begin with humility over the ‘agitation of the world’ we cannot resolve. Staying in prayer, he claimed, leads us into contemplation, which then leads to visions of the goodness of God.”

    I needed to hear that! For I find myself thinking a lot about our current situation and I can find myself getting agitated. Adding thoughts of God to that mix is the only way I begin to see visions of goodness. So take your agitation to God in prayer, how ever that looks for you, and wait for the goodness. As Barnes says, “It’s hard to think of anything more effective than placing a sick world back in the arms of its creator and healer.”

    ~ Rev. Trudy