One Snail

04.25.20 | Stories, Stories of Hope

    One snail, many birds,

    An interest has returned,

    I watch the smallest of,

    The beauties of God’s making,

    No fist-bumps, hugs, nor high-fives,


    Tho’ those things are missed,


    If not for this quarantine,

    Sure to have been missed,

    The birdsong, and intelligence,

    Nest building, togetherness.

    (might mankind learn from this?)

    A student once said,

    In his thick Kenyan accent,

    “Your turtle’s so fast!”

    (this mollusk has caught my eye)

    I recall with a great laugh,

    I think back to Turbo, as this snail makes a dash.

    I’ve found peace at home,

    (for that is by choice)

    The mourning doves and their friends,

    Singing day and night,

    (others hear noise)

    Try as I may, as I might,

    God’s beauty abound; in which I choose to find delight.


    Kenton Reaves Hundley, Dir. of Discipleship for Children & Youth