Lenten Devotion: Day 39

03.27.21 | Stories

    Passion Sunday 


    O God,  

    The earth is giving birth again,  

    And it is Springtime. 


    Trees burst into bloom,  

    And the air is warm and sweet, 

    As if You were breathing on me again, 

    As you did on that first morning of the world. 


    It is hard  

    To turn my thoughts to death and dying 

    During Springtime 

    And meditate on the meaning 

    Of the cross. 


    It is painful to think of Jesus, 

    Who loved this life 

    As few ever had,  

    Being confronted with dying  

    Just when the hills 

    Were alive with flowers. 


    I think of Jesus 

    Breathing once more  

    The fragrance of Spring 

    Before he dies. 


    O God,  

    I remember all this,  

    And deep in the depths of my mind 

    I know this Man spoke 

    For all the love 

    I have always longed for,  

    But not enough to give  

    My trust to.  


    I know this Man  

    Spoke for all the truth 

    I have always wanted to hear 

    But not enough to live by. 


    O Lord, 

    Let the winter-time 

    Of my despair dissolve, 

    That I may stand once more 

    Beneath his cross 

    And breathe his promise.  


    By William Stephenson, Ph.D.