Lenten Devotion: Day 25

03.13.21 | Stories

    When My Son Raised Lazarus from the Dead 

    he never forgave Him 
    oh, . . . his sisters 
    loved Him more than before 

    but Lazarus never got over 
    called forth from His Father's 
    presence, since 

    a sparkle in the eye, the warmth of 
    a hug, a tug on the heart, hearing 
    his name -- 'Laz - a - rus?' -- 
    whispered There aloud would 

    never be . . . the same again here; oh 
    yes, I know the feeling, for 

    His Father breathed in me 
    and I've 
    never been the same 

    nor has the world, and 

    although My Son lived (and died) to forgive him, 
    and loved 
    his sisters in return 

    I now know . . . of all the miracles 
    My Son performed 
    that's the one I'm ever so glad 

    He never did again, on earth. 


    Used by permission from:
     The Gospel According . . . to Mary by Carl Winderl (Georgetown, KY:  Finishing Line Press, 2021), p. 71.