First Church Holiday Recipes

12.06.20 | News

    Thank you for sharing your family's traditional and culinary secrets with us! The recipes are now available below for you to print and try out. Happy cooking!


    Baked Goodies.   Desserts     Lunch/Dinner     Side Dishes      

    Baked Goodies

    Grandma's Sugar Cutout Cookies by Holly Watt

    Jam and Cheese Loaf by Trudy Robinson

    Grandma's Belgian Gaufrettes by Courtney Cohen

    Grandma Jan's Apple Cake by Rebecca Lauers

    Rosca de Reyes Bread by Lollo Enstad

    Spoon Bread by Belinda Mathisen

    Gingerbread Boys by Loretta Nelson

    Pennsylvania Dutch Sand Tarts by Loretta Nelson

    Lazy Sunday Style Foreign Cinema "Pop Tarts" by Cassie Devine



    Ina Garten’s Ultimate Pumpkin Pie by Priscilla Venegas

    Mama-Got-No-Time Pumpkin Pie by Sheilah Cameron

    Cranberry Sherbet  by Susan Smith

    Cranberry Tea by Susan Smith





    Potato Cheese Soup by Kenton Reaves Hundley

    Post-Holiday healthy meal by Hannah Ka


    Side Dishes

    Susan's Butternut Squash Casserole by Sabrina Deck

    Grandma's Cranberry Gelatin Salad by Todd Cloaninger

    Aunt Jane's Cranberry Salad by Les Smith

    Glazed Sweet Potatoes by Belinda Mathisen

    Green Bean Casserole by Belinda Mathisen

    Corn Pudding by Belinda Mathisen

    Southern Cornbread Dressing by Belinda Mathisen

    Sweet Potato Casserole by Susan Smith