Dog Days

04.24.20 | Stories, Stories of Hope

    Warning; this post is partial proud dog dad showing off cute pics. But in all seriousness as we enter week 5 of working from home and sheltering in place (according to Michael) I realize that I'm slowly turning into my dog. We were lucky to get Rosie at the end of February and have been in the process of training her, or is she training us? Yes, I'm still working, but I'm learning to enjoy the small things in life. Going for walks outside every day, Relaxing in the sun, pampering myself, learning new things (like how to climb the stairs), and just enjoying my time at home as best as I can. Like a dog, I'm also learning to relish every moment I get to interact with someone new or familiar outside the home whether its the neighbor out walking as well, or going for a random drive just to get out of the house. I have a new appreciation for just observing what goes on outside my house (and not in a nosy neighbor way.). Here's where I turn into my Dad. . .everything in life can be a learning moment whether we like it or not. What have you been learning during the last 5 weeks while we have been sheltering in place? And how are you hopefully changed for the better because of it?

    Daniel Froman
    Assistant Director of Children and Youth