Daily Devotion: Day 16

03.04.21 | Stories

    Fearless like Sarah 


    For 15 years I have been in a covenant discipleship group made up of eight Christian women. We meet every Saturday morning to share our Christian walk ~ where we have been faithful disciples and where we have not answered God’s call during the past week. We share our closest moments to Christ, praying for one another and rejoicing in answered prayer.  At the beginning of this year we decided we would each choose an individual word  that would guide each of us during this next year. We shared our chosen word with one another and agreed to help each other stay on track. My word for the year is Trust. It will be a constant reminder to turn to God who has everything under control. 

    Sarah, when she was told she would have a child late in life, had a hard time trusting in the promise. Like Sarah, sometimes my trust falters and I rely on my own understanding instead of relying on God’s plan. My discipleship group is there to remind me to rely on scriptures and God’s promises, to trust God that he is working toward all things good. As it says in Proverbs 3:5, not to rely on my own understanding but to rely on God’s power.  I can let go of doubt and fear trusting God is in control. 

    Mary Beth Klauer 

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